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Lord of the Rings - Web Log Reports

Ring*Con 2004 - COMING SOON! October 29th-31st, 2004 - Ring*Con 2004

First day's report and photo's now available, together with a trasnscript and photo's of Billy Boyd's second Q&A panel!
Fellowship Festival 2004 August 28th-30th, 2004 - Fellowship Festival 2004

Photos and detailed review of the UK three-day event, sound bites from Bernard Hill, Craig Parker and Sarah McLeod and Interview with the organiser, Lousie Henry

Howard Shore concert and Q&A, May 2004 May 22nd-23rd, 2004 - Howard Shore Concert and Q&A

Photo's and report from the UK premiere of Howard Shore's full symphony for 'Lord of the Rings', together with a a full transcript of a Q&A session with Howard Shore.
Oscar Party, 2004 February 29th, 2004 - Oscar Party 2004 Oscar party initial photo's and sound bites have now been uploaded, together with five pages of my personal report.
Empire Awards, 4th February 2004 February 4th, 2004 - Empire Film Awards

Pictures and report from the Empire movie magazine film awards 2004, held at The Dorchester Hotel in London with transcripts of the LOTR casts's Q&A in the press area.
New Zealand ROTK Premiere Tour, 2003 November 24th-Dec 12th, 2003 - New Zealand ROTK Premiere Tour

Reports for Day 1 through Day 17 have now been uploaded, plus the first premiere day report with links to all the press panel transcripts are now available.

Ring*Con 2003 November 14th-16th, 2003 - Ring*Con 2003, Bonn, Germany

A full report, pictures and the first panel transcripts are now up! Check the main RingCon 2003 index for details. New panel transcripts will be added throughout May, June and July 2004.
Harper Collins ROTK Book Launch, Science Museum, London November 8th, 2003 - Harper Collins ROTK Book Launch, Science Museum London

Transcript of the talk and Q&A session given by authors Jude Fisher and Brian Sibley at the Harper Collins launch of the new series of books for 'Return of the King'

Collectormania 4, Milton Keynes October 3rd-6th, 2003 - Collectormania 4, Milton Keynes

Report on the autograph signing event and two celebrity panels featuring Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan, Andy Serkis, Lawrence Makaore, Brent McIntyre and Sala Baker.
Lord of the Rings Exhibition Press Launch, Science Museum, London September 15th, 2003 - LOTR Exhibition Launch, Science Museum London

Report on the Press Launch for the new Movie Trilogy Exhibition. Includes transcripts of the press conference, the Q&A session and contents of the press kit.

Comic-Con 2003 July 16th-20th, 2003 - Comic-Con International 2003, San Diego, USA

Check out the Preview Night, Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day 4 reports and a complete transcript of the New Line panel
An Audience with Sir Ian McKellen May 4th, 2003 - An Audience with Sir Ian McKellen, London

Sir Ian McKellen hosts a charity fundraiser for The Space on The Isle of Dogs, spending two hours talking about the making of the film trilogy.

Collectormania 3 May 3rd, 2003 - Collectormania 3, 2003, Milton Keynes

Billy Boyd, John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Bruce Hopkins and Sala Baker turn up for fan signings and a Fellowship of the Ring Q&A panel
TORN Oscar Party Trip 2003 March 23rd, 2003 - TORN's Oscar Party Trip 2003, Los Angeles

Sean Astin, John Rhys-Davies, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Andy Serkis, Craig Parker, Bruce Hopkins and all the oscar winners showed up to help the fans celebrate the oscars.

Howard Shore Concert at the Royal Festival Hall February 9th, 2003 - Howard Shore Concert, London

A day of activities that climaxed with a live performance of the movie score from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by film composer Howard Shore.
UK Premiere of The Two Towers movie December 11th, 2002 - Two Premieres of The Two Towers, London

My report on the Press and Gala premieres of The Two Towers and the celebrity-packed after-show party at the Empire in London's Leicester Square.

Ring*Con 2002 Fan Convention in Bonn, Germany November 22nd-24th, 2002 - Ring*Con 2002 Fan Convention, Bonn, Germany

Over 1000 fans from across Europe, guest panels from Brad Dourif (Grima Wormtongue), Craig Parker (Haldir) and others, talks, parties and music!
Harper Collins Two Towers Book Launch November 6th, 2002 - Two Towers Books Launch, London

Talks by authors Brian Sibley, Jude Fisher and movie cast member Andy Serkis (Gollum).

Comic-Con 2002, Arizona Road Trip and Hollywood Bowl Moot July 27th-August 13th, 2002 - Comic-Con 2002, San Diego

My road trip covering Comic-Con 2002, journeys through Arizona and Howard Shore concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
TheOneRing.Net Oscar Party 2002 March 20th-25th, 2002 - Oscar Party, Hollywood

Photo's and report from's oscar party in Hollywood including Universal Studios' trip report, fan club Pub Moot, Viggo Mortensen exhibition and the party itself.

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